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Inspire, empower, and connect Chinese entrepreneurs to other brilliant minds in Toronto and beyond.


the meetup

Startup4Chinese has hosted 60+ meetups with over 1000+ attendees since August 2017.

At Startup4Chinese, we strive to spark entrepreneurial spirits among the Chinese community and strengthen Chinese presence in Toronto's startup ecosystem. Our past events are available in different platforms, including videos on Youtube, audio podcasts on Anchor, and event details on Trello board. We'd also love to meet you in-person during our next Meetup event.

Youtube & Podcast

We have been uploading our past events videos to Youtube and releasing the audios as podcasts

Youtube & Podcast

Our partners


We are constantly seeking out amazing speakers and venue sponsors.

If you are interested in sharing your startup story or have a convenient space for event hosting, please let Bryan know via Email or WeChat.

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